The Session


During the session, different materials and techniques will be used to gain the most effective and safe outcome as the client’s body finds a healthy balance.

These may include essential oils, flower essences, polarity magnets, vibrational tools and homeopathic vials for energetic information.

Often, the client is empowered to help themselves further with the suggestion of specialised exercises, skills or healthy suggestions.

Some related techniques, such as Emotional Freedom Technique EFT, Brain Gym, Dorn Spinal Therapy, Counselling and other valid natural therapies may also be employed.

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In many cases, gentle acupressure is applied on specific points. Kinesiology believes the body has an internal energy, (the Chinese call ‘Chi’), which flows throughout the body. Imbalances in this energy flow may cause significant problems from pain to more serious health issues. If anything disrupts the flow, the body may become stressed, with often painful areas or ill.

By applying gentle pressure on the right points, blockages and restrictions can be resolved. Positive shifts are achieved, allowing energy to flow, facilitating the body’s ability to naturally heal.

Finally, your session usually ends with a review of goals, whole brain movements and other relevant skills consolidating your gains.

This support helps supplement the therapy and assists with promoting continual positive flow of internal energies with whole brain / body integration possible.


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