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Parent’s Corner

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‘Little Golden Nuggets’

So many parents I hear say, “I don’t want to be like my parents raising my kids. But how do I control them without yelling and smacking?”

18 months to 6 years: 

Instead of yelling at Johnny and Jenny, when they are fighting or being disruptive, call them over and ask them if their LOVE BOTTLE is empty.  Kid’s instantly know what you are talking about.  Ask them to come and have a big hug to fill their LOVE BOTTLE.

Cuddle your child in ‘Hook-ups’ (foetal position), on your lap.  You will find that most of the time their response is instantly settled.  Their LOVE BOTTLE filling, often only takes a minute or two and the child then runs off happily to play feeling safe, loved and with a smile on their face.

So then, how is that you can turn a screaming, ‘lashing-out’ child into a happy and settle one so quickly?  Most of the time they just need a little of the right sort of attention and to be reassured that they are loved and not alone in their world.  When this technique is used regularly, you will find a lasting peace where the whole family is happy, healthier and communicating better.


We become excited when we know we are having a baby and in so many cases are unprepared for what is to come.  Our children don’t come with instruction sheets and most of the time. We often don’t like to follow the model entirely of our our parents parenting, so what can we do differently especially when we run into difficulty.

  • When it becomes apparent that your child is experiencing difficulty there can be lengthy delays in obtaining an appointment with a professional qualified to make an assessment.
  • Meanwhile, your child is still having the same problems so, this can be a good starting point to look at the resources of The Brain Gym Centre of W.A. makes available in this website.
  • Once an assessment has been obtained, depending on the results, and because we are all unique, there may still not be a clear help or remediation route for either the Parent or Teaching and Support Staff.  The Brain Gym Centre of W.A’s experience has shown there is no one route to fit everyone, even within a particular diagnosis.
  • That is when the detective work begins – aided again by the growing range of materials available through this web site.
  • Below is a series of suggested Steps to both view the website contents and consider what would be the most appropriate way to progress. We always suggest you should talk to your child’s Teacher or Learning Support Teacher about what you are learning and the approaches you are starting to use to improve brain function. A concerted course of action benefits everyone – especially your child.

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You are the most important people in your child’s life.  Tell and show your child daily that you love them.  Believe in them, even if you feel like ‘strangling them’.  They are our future and healthy parenting develops healthy children.

Indigo & Crystal Children

This section is still under development so please be patient and return weekly for the ‘Little Golden Nuggets’ for Parents that will be heard for you!.

Spiritual Parenting

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