Kinesiology is an alternative and complimentary health therapy that is often referred to as ‘the study of movement’. It uses a series of muscle monitoring techniques to see what is causing issues in the body, ‘effectively used and developed over the last 60 years.’

It examines ‘unresolved stress reactions’ in a client and with the aid of accurate muscle monitoring. The practitioner is guided to the techniques that are best suited, adopting appropriate, gentle methods to help the body to heal itself most effectively improving their health ‘naturally’.

Our highly experienced Kinesiologist has effectively helped our clients to make noticeable improvements or healing from the following problems:

Painful periods, fears and phobias, Migraines, Fatigue and low energy, Relationship issues, Pain, Sporting injuries, Sleeping issues, ADHD, Autism, Physical Ailments, Chronic health issues, Emotional issues, Goal setting and much more.

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Kinesiology works to see how muscles act and coordinate together as they move the body. In the natural healthy range, kinesiology is being used in many interesting and different ways.

Based on the ancient therapy theory of Chinese acupuncture chi energy. Previously only muscles were tested for strength, but the recently developed forms use muscle monitoring as a form of monitoring our clients.

Kinesiology works ‘with the principle of harmonising the connections of body mind and spirit. By creating a balance between these, full health can be achieved.

Benefits of kinesiology:

Experts say that it is important to treat the body as a whole and not as separate components. With Kinesiology Perth WA, energy flow is increased and by correcting the imbalances, the body is brought back to its ideal state of health.”

Imbalances within the body often leads to joint pain and a feeling of malaise. Kinesiology effectively strengthens the immune system and relieves existing gripes and pains to have you feeling your best.”

An example of this maybe when two muscles in relationships such as synergistic or antagonistic actions, one muscle has the ability to compensate for the other. This may further weaken the muscle impulse, creating a dysfunctional movement pattern with pain and injury often following.

Using the NeuroK system, we are able to reprogram muscles synergistically so our muscles move in concert with each other. There’s a natural flow of effort transmitted from one muscle to the other allowing for muscle strength and ease of movement to return to normal function.

Kinesiology Perth WA, Perth’s Most Experienced Kinesiology experts.


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