With Peace, Ease, Balance & Clarity

Happiness and Health Becomes You!


Within our clinic access the most extensive, personal, confidential assistance for life’s challenges. From relationships, family therapy, individuals, business and social. Stress, abuse, dissociative disorders, war trauma, PTSD, long term lethargy, depression, phobias… From one of the most experienced therapists – over 30 years. Here to support you on your personal journey.

☆ Web Counselling specialty service!
☆ Anywhere in the world you may access our support and insights. All you need is internet access, microphone and a web cam.


Best suits:

Time restricted

Phobic and unable to travel to us.

Travelers – business men and women

When complete privacy, confidentiality and anonymity is best served this way. We Empower you to take control and reclaim your Peace, Ease, Balance and Clarity.

Psychology based therapies including:
* Psychotherapy
* Gestalt therapy
* Primal Therapy
* Body talk Therapy
* Counselling
* N.L.P. – Neural Linguistic Programming
* Hypnosis


Specialised Programs:

* Quit Smoking
* Simple and effortless weight loss
* Balance your Vagus Nerve and Balance your Life Picture

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Business Coaching:

  • The right coach is worth their weight in gold. Have one of the most experienced and productive business counsellors on your side. One who has helped many of our Australian elite and small businesses become the success stories of today. It’s never too early or too late to get help.
  • Do you sabotage yourself at the most critical moments? There is a pattern to resolve that may come from somewhere you could have never imagined. Fix the pattern. Reap the success.
  • Speak up with confidence, clarity and be respected for your leadership.
  • Your business is struggling and you don’t know why? Often past trauma from previous tenants or life\ circumstances have affected the ‘geomancy’ of your office or the land. Fast and effective turnaround is often noticed within days.
  • Train your staff well the first time. Where are you making mistakes? Often the simple mistakes are the ones, you may be blind to. Correct these and increase your productivity,bottom line and staff culture to be the best they can be.


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