A Fusion of Therapies:

With a combined 60 years plus of experience and training, your team at Kinesiology Perth have a vast number of skills to assist you with. Using a Fusion of Therapies synergistically means you get phenomenal support and results.

“In changing yourself, you make a difference in others. One size never fits all.
Your unique qualities will grow and shine as we create with you, unique solutions.
In all of life, there is only one of you. Our interventions reflect and nurture this.”
– Patrick Deuchar


Specialised Programs: Where our 30 years of clinical experience and training pays off!

  • Quit Smoking – Hypnosis. Quit in one session if you’re ready and willing.
  • Simple and effortless weight loss that works because you are unique and deserve a unique approach.
  • Balance your Vagus Nerve and Balance your Life. The Xth cranial nerve’s impact on organs and the stress receptors in the brain and gut. Long term digestive issues can be corrected.
  • The root cause of Allergies is not always what you think?
  • A happy healthy baby is their birth right. Learn simple and powerful ways to instantly make a difference in the short and long term health and brain function.
  • 3 Simple Steps: Brain based learning is incredible –

a) Education empowers you to make the choices you couldn’t have imagined,
b) take home skills that are easy and safe, and
c) therapeutic support.

  • Effective and simple tools that empower you and work fast. Now your specialised therapy combinations work powerfully hand in hand with the cleverness of your neuro-plasticity.

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  • Neuro-Kinesiology correcting the causal root of the issues – a combination of many therapies. See also Pediatric neuro-Kinesiology above under Kinesiology – the best there is.
  • Dyslexia & ADHD – The simple truth and how to work to correct the ‘brain stem’ inadequacies.
  • Osteoarthritis – All 30 years of research and technique development where finally all the pieces of the puzzle fit and work. Hip alignment can dramatically effect knee pain.
  • Pain management. Isn’t resolving the root cause naturally a better idea?
  • The magic power of magnesium with your acid / alkaline balance to chase away most chronic disease.
  • Food intolerances & Allergies. Can also appear as Eczema or Dermatitis – correct the source of the issue, correct the problem.
  • DNA – Epigenetics energy reprogramming – feel 30% younger and healthier in one session.
  • PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Gain help from one of the most experienced and effective in the therapists in world. Dealing with this condition before it was even known.
  • Births complications and trauma – can impact on your entire life. Helping your body ‘re-set’ these cellular patterns.
  • Holographic dimensional balancing. Let’s look at the bigger and wider picture, to narrow in and find the solution.
  • Elite sports and recurrent injuries that never seem to really fully strengthen are your brain’s ‘mis-communication to this muscle group. Your brain has permanently compensated these muscle sets, to protect you from a greater injury, set at the initial time of an injury. ‘Re-wiring your brain resets and strengthens these compensated muscle signals back to their optimal movement pathway states. Often athletes have tried ‘everything else’ and find they can continue with their careers after all, as the missing pieces of their acute or chronic injury are ‘put back in place’.
  • Past life integration and balancing. Rarely and sometimes it’s now related to what’s happened within your life time. Cellular memory can be the problem.


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