The Session


When you step through our doors for a session, there is a particular procedure in place. If you’ve never been to a kinesiologist before, here’s an overview of how these things work.

First, the kinesiologist will ask questions. These are usually about the lifestyle, their health concerns, any problems in their life, their medical history, and any goals they may have.

Afterwards, the physical element comes into play. We will do muscle testing, determining the immediate needs of the session. This step also gauges the particulars of the patient’s kinesiology. The areas that are high priority are identified, lining up with the patient’s goals.

During the session, different materials may see use. These include essential oils, flower essences, polarity magnets, and crystals. Some homoeopathic remedies may also be recommended, along with detoxing substances.

Some related techniques, such as Emotional Freedom Technique, may also be employed.

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In case there is a need for it, we will also apply acupressure on specific points. Kinesiology believes that the body has an internal energy (what the Chinese call ‘Chi’) that flows through it. Imbalances can cause serious problems. If anything disrupts the flow, the body becomes ill.

By applying pressure at the right points, blockages and ebbing can be countered. Positive shifts can also be done, freeing up more energy or facilitating healing.

Finally, a session can end with self-help advice. Affirmation, dietary changes, and addressing points in a negative lifestyle are all possibilities. These are all meant to help supplement the therapy, and a promote continual positive flow of internal energies.

In some cases, the kinesiologist may recommend flower essences, health supplements, or essential oils. These are meant to help continue the positive effects of the sessions.

Kinesiology work is done with the client lying on a couch, fully clothed. This is not a massage, though it may be recommended for individual concerns.