Myofascial plays a vital role in backaches and back pain, neck pain, and posture imbalances and compensations. Due to stresses and strains of modern living or pain that stems from various accidents and results into constant aches.
Myofascial is an advanced form of musculoskeletal bodywork, which has its foundation in the “Bowen technique” as well as principles and philosophies from chiropractic, osteopathy, and Chinese organ therapy. It works together to integrate soft tissue and skeleton to relieve your pain.


Why Myofascial service from Kinesiology Perth WA?

At Kinesiology Perth WA, we are trained experts in the field of myofascial services in Perth. We do not use any extreme force in our practice, nor carry out intensive spinal manipulation.

Instead, you will feel our therapist’s fingers moving specific muscles and soft tissues back into their correct positions, allowing the body to heal itself. You will feel the release taking place immediately, often feeling instantly better. However, the full effect often takes a few days to work.

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We use advanced assessment techniques to underline your cause of complaint quickly, making sure we take care of your time as well as your money. We aim to achieve the perfect balance of the most effect in the shortest amount of time, at a valuable and fair cost.

Our myofascial services always are and always will be non-invasive for our clients, as we do not wish to give you any discomfort or make the injury/issue worse. Myofascial is suitable for sporting injuries, aching muscles and joints, nervous stress and many internal organ imbalances.


We can help to rid of the following issues:

At Kinesiology Perth WA, we use series of moves on muscles, tendons and ligaments and the spine in specific directions to release any tension to treat the following:

Back Pain, Bulging Disc & Sciatica, Neck & Shoulder Pain Hip & Groin Pain, Knee, Foot & Ankle Pain, Numbness & Tingling, Muscle, Tendon & Ligament Strains, Scoliosis & Other Postural Distortions, Frozen Shoulder, Carpal Tunnel, Sports Injury, Joint Pain, Headaches, Tennis Or Golfers Elbow.

The depth of the moves we use depends on which part of the body is affected and pressure is dictated according to the tolerance of the patient and related issue.


Perth’s leading myopractors
Sitting in the office at a computer for an extended time will give back pain due to being seated in the same position for so long. With incorrect posture, this leads to spinal, shoulder, arm and wrist conditions, which gives rise to headaches, neck pain and back pain.

Well, we say NO to pain of any sort. We have been working on our techniques for many years, looking after many clients with no post treatment issues. So when you’re looking for the best Myopractor in Perth, look no further.