What is Kinesiology?

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What is Kinesiology?

You might be wondering: what is kinesiology? How can it benefit me? Well, let us answer your questions and show you how your quality of life can improve with our treatments.

Kinesiology is a non-invasive health practice. What it does is assess and address issues concerning your health and well-being. Kinesiologists do this by checking on nature's feedback mechanism – the muscles. Through muscle monitoring, we can detect an astonishing variety of conditions and imbalances.

Nutritional, physical, chemical, and even emotional issues can be identified. One simply needs to have a trained eye, like the experts here at Kinesiology Perth WA, looking for the signs. Variations in stress levels can indicate a broad range of issues, all related to the natural energy of the body.

Kinesiology uses a variety of techniques tailor-made for a patient. This is useful for improving health and vitality, as well as clearing up any issues with their energy flow. In many ways, the practice relies on in-depth knowledge of the body to allow it to heal itself.

How can Kinesiology Perth WA help you?

Our therapists and experts are well-versed in the practices and secrets of kinesiology. We can provide aid for many common ailments and conditions.

Are you having problems sleeping? Are you challenged when meeting goals, have trouble concentrating, or have difficulty learning new things? These are mental blockages of the body's natural rhythm, and there are kinesiology techniques that can help ease away these issues.

Muscular ailments can wear you down. Digestion and nutrition are always concerns, at any age or for any lifestyle. Performance in sports always has another level. These are all physical objectives that a skilled kinesiologist from us can help you attain.

Do your relationships stress you? Do you suffer from poor self-esteem? Are you underground more stress and anxiety in recent days than before? Kinesiology Perth WA can also help you with these. Many of our techniques can bring emotional calm, allowing you to sort through them better.

Of course, there are just some of the ways that kinesiology can improve your quality of life.

Well, why would you want to use kinesiology? After all, aren't there other alternatives that make the same claims?

Well, we admit there are many reasons to use other services. However, here are what we feel to be the key advantages kinesiology has over others.

Kinesiology is concerned with getting to the "core" of the patient. The practice views the body as a sort of computer, something that is accessible and readable. With the right inputs and configurations, we can improve performance beyond what was possible before.

We work through the feedback of your muscles. From there, we can root out the ailments. It doesn't matter if they are structural, physiological, nutritional, mental, hormonal, or a combination of the above. Kinesiology can help improve things once it understands how your body works.

Kinesiology has no one-size-fits-all mindset. Unlike conventional medical practices, we do not believe that one cure or treatment is going to work for all patients. Instead, we do our best to acknowledge that you are unique, and both problem and solution must be unique as well.

Every therapeutic regimen is tailored to your story, your needs. Your ailments and challenges come from you, and so should your treatments. Every kinesiologist takes the time to craft supplements, treatments, and advice specifically to suit your situation and goals.

Kinesiology is also holistic. We don't look at anger issues and think it's strictly emotional. We don't see digestion problems and focus only on the gastrointestinal areas. Instead, we look at the whole "you."

We believe that everything in the body is interlinked to everything else. What affects one part can cause ailments in another. Through this, we open our mind to the notion that your emotional and mental issues may stem from the body. The reverse, where the body affects the mind and heart, is also true.

This holistic approach means that while our treatments may seem odd, they are efficient and address the root of a problem efficiently. We are treating the cause, rather than addressing the symptoms.

Kinesiology relies on the idea that most of the body's physiological and mental faculties are operating at a subconscious level. The vast power of the mind and body has locked away from our conscious ability to channel it, but can be tapped if you use the right procedures, motions, and influences.

The subconscious contains a trove of information and patterns. These can range from memories to behavioural patterns programmed from past experiences. These can be used to help emotional, mental, and physical journeys towards improvement and better health.

By unlocking more of the subconscious, kinesiology can help you find the answers to your problems. Your emotional issues might be addressed by correcting poor habits acquired in childhood. You might be able to overcome mental trauma through realising certain physical constraints you place on yourself.

Kinesiology focuses on the energy systems of the body. The idea is that the physical structure, along with the mind, generates an energy flow within the body. Imbalances, trauma, poor diet, and other factors can disrupt this flow and cause illnesses. By unblocking it, the body becomes well again.

If this sounds familiar, it is because this concept is ancient. In particular, ideas such as chakras from India and Qigong from China both believe in fundamentally the same thing. To that end, some of our treatments rely on ancient practices from India and China that are related to the concept.

The result is a treatment and therapy regimen that focuses on your unique situation and prescribes not just cures, but overall better lifestyle choices. It can be a combination of medicine, psychiatry, and emotional therapy all at once for some people.

If you are curious about what we may do for you or just looking for some help with a problem, call us. Kinesiology Perth WA is always willing to entertain potential clients and assist them to figure out what would work best for them.

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