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Kinesiology Perth WA

We are the highest qualified and experienced kinesiology and myopractic practitioner team in Perth. We are always at our client’s service whenever they are in need.

With experience in helping many Perth residents with their health issues we have built a trusting reputation and a positive image for our customers.

Our Kinesiology Services have effectively helped our clients in healing with the following problems:

  • Painful periods
  • Fears and phobias
  • Migraines
  • Fatigue and low energy
  • Pain
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Emotional issues
  • Sleeping issues

Myopractic services

A blend of Bowen therapy, Chiro and Osteopractic services, our Perth Myopractor will help you get rid of that sore back or neck, sore muscles, those digestion problems and allergies with fast results and long lasting effects.

At Kinesiology Perth WA, Our myopractic focuses on muscles and the whole body in treating back pain, neck pain and postures imbalances.

While sitting at a computer desk for a long time. This can often lead to a variety of spinal, shoulder, arm and wrist conditions and pain is often the first signal showing that the body is in trouble.

Stop problems before they develop

If certain treatment is not given to the body then it could unfortunately remain for a lifetime. Thus only creating more problems for you and your body moving forward in life.

Fortunately at Kinesiology Perth WA our kinesiology and myopractic team use their various skills including Bowen Therapy to have you feeling your very best in next to no time again, pain and worry free.

Covering the complete health spectrum

Combining a range of techniques from various areas we provide complete mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. At Kinesiology Perth WA, we have professional practitioners who provides our customers with improvements in their overall wellbeing.

We take care of each and every health aspect of our clients and guarantee that they never leave without any positive results.

Suitable for all age groups

At Kinesiology Perth WA, be it a small child or any adult or senior citizen, kinesiology and myopractic much like bowen therapy works for every age group without any health issues.

We have been working with many different people with all kind of age groups and have provided 100% solution and satisfaction to each and every visitor.

Feel the difference

After visiting Kinesiology Perth WA, you will feel a real change in yourself. We are committed to improving our client’s health issues and we will use all of our skills, experience and techniques in doing so.

At Kinesiology Perth WA, our practitioners combine a number of different techniques we are completely trained and qualified in to ensure we get to the root of the problem and heal it for you.

The difference you feel is a result of combining kinesiology, Bowen therapy Perth, chiro, osteopractic and many more advanced skill sets we have developed over our years of service.

Healing Specialists

We at Kinesiology Perth WA, are a healing center for all different kinds of heath problems like sore backs, stress, fatigue and many more.

We use techniques included in kinesiology and myopractic, including emotional integrative release, bowen therapy and chiro.

We have leading professionals at our center who are leading experts in Perth in both kinesiology and myopractic.

Located in Malaga

We are available Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 6:00pm, and Saturday from 8:00am to 12:00pm. Reaching us is easier than ever before, just make an appointment with us and we will assign you a convienient time to reach us. At Kinesiology Perth WA, from sore backs and muscles to stress and fatigue, we are here to help.

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a form of alternative health therapy that is often referred to as "the study of movement". It uses a series of muscle monitoring techniques to see what is causing issues in the body.

It examines “unresolved stress reactions” in a person and guides to the techniques that are helpful in healing the body. Our practitioner in kinesiology will assess our patient’s health by testing their muscles and then using the results to adopt methods in improving their health.

Happy Testimonials

I feel amazing! I definitely recommend the guys at Kinesiology Perth WA, I am finally pain free.

Michelle Pasan

The practitioners are very polite and friendly. I feel very comfortable in their presence and will be going back in future.

Sarah Sharp

I’ve been going to Kinesiology Perth WA for a couple of years now and they have not once let me down. I love both the multi discipline, as it combines emotional release and bowen therapy.

Chris Barnes

My sleeping patterns have definitely improved and I am feeling much better overall. The value for money is there and it is why I continue to go back.

Brian Porter

The guys are always helping me in any way they can. Whether im rescheduling appointments, receiving treatment or following up for advice.

Linda Doust

I battled back pain for almost 2 years before being recommended to Kinesiology Perth WA. Since then, the myopractic and kinesiology treatments have given me back my back.

Callum Phillip

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